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Love Leather? Shop Local.

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Whether first introducing bondage to the bedroom or treating a devoted partner to a new leash and collar, no one can deny the comfort, durability, and eroticism of quality leather bondage gear. Leather warms to the body and wears like a second skin—sleek, strong, and flexible. Our stores showcase an array of leather collars, leashes, […]


Shop Local @ Fantasy

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Your locally owned and operated Fantasy for Adults Only stores have been supporting the Portland community since 1989. One of the many ways we support our community is by supporting other local businesses and offering locally made products when possible. Not only does investing in locally owned and locally made products contribute to the local […]


SXY, Comfy, Practical Power Play – August 2016 Feature

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SXY Cuffs

I do love to “ooh” and “aah” over edgy new fetish gear–whether considering the possibilities of a stainless steel anal hook with added length and loops, or admiring a black patent leather fig leaf riding crop. But sometimes it’s simplicity and affordability that revolutionize BDSM in the bedroom. Perfect for both beginners as well as […]


OxBalls Redux – August 2016 Feature

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OxBalls training

When we launched the Fantasy Feature program in 2015, we knew we wanted to Feature OxBalls during Pride 2016. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring OxBalls to Portland for product training until after Pride, in July. Wanting to make the best of both worlds–and to give our sales staff an opportunity to share their newly […]


b-Vibe : The world’s first rimming plug!

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B-Vibe Rimming Plug

When I learned someone had designed a butt plug with “rimming” beads, I knew Fantasy For Adults Only needed to carry it, for the sake of our anal enthusiasts if not the novelty alone. Rotating beads are no longer exclusive to dual-stimulating rabbits. No, ladies and gentlemen, beads have become equal opportunity and now offer […]


OxBalls – June 2016 Feature

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One has to respect the raw masculine quality of the OxBalls catalog. In an age where it seems every toy manufacturer is attempting to flirt with mainstream acceptability, OxBalls approaches their product creation from the exact opposite direction, creating products that are both bold and unapologetic. Geared towards penis owners, the good people at OxBalls have taken cock rings, […]


ElectraStim is now at Fantasy

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Electrostimulation is a wholly unique experience. Conventional toys have a myriad of ways in which they vibrate, gyrate, massage, or thrust, but ElectraStim goes straight to the source by sending electrical stimulation directly to all those tasty nerve endings. The mere thought of E-Stim play can intimidate some, mostly due to the misconception that it’s […]


Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit

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The Neon Wand is one of the easiest to use electrostimulation tools on the market. With the twist of a knob, the user can deliver a controlled, consistent, fully adjustable electrical current to an individual. The intensity of the current is decided by whomever is holding the Neon Wand, with results ranging from tingly playful […]


Tom of Finland Collection

December 17, 2015 BDSM & Fetish Gear, Sex Toys & Lubricants

Tom of Finland toys and lubricants available at our Hollywood District location.


Entice – December 2015 Feature

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The Entice Collection by CalExotics is our December Fantasy Feature as well as our third offering in the Portland Mercury Gift Guide 2015. For every couple wanting to spice up their love life without sacrificing their gift-giving budget, the Entice Collection by CalExotics offers affordably decadent fetish gear in faux leather with rose gold and designer […]


Atomic Jock’s Ultimate Ass-Lock

August 21, 2015 BDSM & Fetish Gear - , , ,

Several years ago, OxBalls created a game-changing sex toy, the ass-lock. By combining a butt plug and cock ring into a single unit, it became possible to essentially top and bottom simultaneously, with gear that both tugs your balls and plugs your ass. Earlier this year, Atomic Jock (an OxBalls brand) took the ass-lock a […]


Kookie International – July 2015 Feature

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Our Fantasy Feature for July is Kookie International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality fetish wear and bondage gear. Based out of San Francisco, Kookie International creates 95% of their products right here in the United States, remains on top of the latest in leather fashion, and often find themselves setting trends in the leather community rather […]