Thanksgiving Hours 2017

November 16, 2017 Events, News

Our locations in Beaverton, Clackamas, Downtown Portland and Downtown Missoula will be closed on Thanksgiving Thursday. Our locations in Tigard, Portland’s Hollywood District and Missoula’s South Side will be open for business.


Friday Focus: 11.17.17

November 14, 2017 Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , , , ,

Everyone knows about Kama Sutra.  I’m not talking about the book, but the bath and body company that has been forefront of the adult industry from the very beginning.  While, Oil of Love and Honey Dust are known to all, my topic today is something very different.  Kama Sutra has branched away into something new […]


Friday Focus: 11.10.17

November 10, 2017 Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , , , , , , ,

There is a story I like to tell about high-school me. How I used to doodle the Perfect Strap-On(tm) in the margins of my notes and drafts. Something that would hold in place without a harness but doesn’t require I have Kegels that can squeeze water from a stone. Something modestly sized so that straight […]


Free Gift Card

November 7, 2017 News

Receive a free Fantasy gift card with your purchase of $150 or more at any Fantasy location.


Friday Focus: 11.03.17

November 3, 2017 Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , ,

When Cal Exotic presented the Her Royal Harness line I was surprised. They have always been good about quality, but these listings are a new level of engineering and attention to detail. I want to start with the actual harnesses, as a pair, before we look at individual assets. The story begins with nickle free […]


Friday Focus: 10.27.17

October 27, 2017 Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , , , , ,

There is something about the silhouette of a dual simulator that says “decadence” to almost everyone.  Since Vibratex debuted the Rabbit Pearl in the 80s, the “rabbit” has become a must-have for every toy line and nearly every toy owner.  Today, though, I want to shine a light on one specifically.  Namely, the O-Bunny from […]


Friday Focus: 10.20.17

October 20, 2017 Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , , , , ,

Womanizer & Satisfyer; by this point in time, I am reasonably certain that every single one of you has heard about one or both of these devices. Granted there is a reason for that.  Though the sexual wellness industry struggles every moment for innovation, there are only so many ways to shape a wheel. When […]


Friday Focus: 10.13.17

October 13, 2017 Friday Focus, Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , ,

The Colours family from NS Novelties are a solidly built, non vibrating, line of representational dongs, equipped with a sturdy suction cup base.  I will admit, that doesn’t sound like much of anything new or different, but there is a reason I chose them for today’s spotlight.  In addition to the array of bright shades […]


Friday Focus 10.06.17

October 6, 2017 Friday Focus, Sex Toys & Lubricants - , , , , , , , , ,

Blush Novelties has always had a knack for providing a great value for an into price point without a lot of fuss or gimmicks.  Over the last two years though, they have reached far and beyond that niche with improved motors, construction, and extended warranties.  At the fore of this transformation was the Nude Impressions […]


Women’s Halloween Costumes 2017 Part 3

October 5, 2017 Shoes & Apparel -

Women’s Halloween Costumes Continued


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