Nu Sensuelle Point, by Novel Creations:

pointThe Point can rival some wand-style massagers for pure power.  You will hold it in your hand and feel it in your shoulders.  What is more, the quality of the vibe is a deep rumble, rather than a thin hum, so it penetrates deep past the skin and reaches parts you may not have known had nerve endings.  This little beast has some really mean fists.  You have three speeds and a wide variety of patterned pulse to choose from.  It is said there are twenty functions in all, but I have a hard time making it past setting number three.

Obviously, the Point is a stellar stand-alone toy. It’s strong, fits easily in the hand, delivers intense vibration exactly where you want it, and is easily small enough to fit between bodies for partnered play.  The true marvel of the Point is, however, in its versatility. Most any device that has a removable bullet as part of its design can accommodate a Point.  The list of items I have personally improved with this bullet is tediously long.  The highlight, however, is the perfect fit it has with Tantus.  You want to make your Feeldo or Buzz into a brand new toy?  What about the pocket in your Bend Over strap on harness?  This can happen.  I have also had luck pairing the Point with Perfect Fit, Screaming O, California Exotic (some fits are tight), NS Novelties, and Blush Novelties.

Now that we know what it does, how easy is it to use?  It all comes down to the press of a single button.  Press and hold to turn on (about three seconds), tap to scroll to the next function, press and hold to turn off.  It isn’t clever enough to remember what setting you last used, but that really isn’t much on an issue (see above comment regarding function number three). Ideal for the ecologically conscious and economical, the Point is rechargeable and the battery retention is impressive.  To bring it all together, Point comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.