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Our Fantasy Feature for July is Kookie International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality fetish wear and bondage gear. Based out of San Francisco, Kookie International creates 95% of their products right here in the United States, remains on top of the latest in leather fashion, and often find themselves setting trends in the leather community rather than following them.

Since 1985 (coincidentally the same year Fantasy opened our doors) they have been creating and improving on the wide world of leather. Collars, cuffs, leashes, strap-on harnesses, blindfolds, floggers, and so much more. If it’s leather and it’s sexy, there’s a good chance Kookie International makes it, and has been perfecting it for a very long time.

Fantasy will be offering Kookie International products in multiple color variants so you can make sure to find something to match any occasion or outfit. The best part of all is since it’s our July Fantasy Feature, we’re offering these amazing items for 15% off their normal price. With Oregon Leather Pride week taking place from July 31st – August 9th, you’ll want to stop by your local Fantasy and make sure you’re well equipped for the premier PDX leather event of the year.