Several years ago, OxBalls created a game-changing sex toy, the ass-lock. By combining a butt plug and cock ring into a single unit, it became possible to essentially top and bottom simultaneously, with gear that both tugs your balls and plugs your ass.

Earlier this year, Atomic Jock (an OxBalls brand) took the ass-lock a step further by incorporating their best-selling Unit-X sling (a sleeker version of the OxBalls Cocksling) and attaching a super comfy butt plug. The Unit-X sling not only tugs your testicles, it grips your entire package in all the right places. The attached plug is about the thickness of two fat fingers, but soft, smooth, and flexible, allowing hours of comfortable use and wear (note that adjusting your junk may be required for long-term wear). If you’re new to bottoming, out of practice, or are looking for extra stimulation while topping, the Ass-X Ass-Lock is perfect for you!

All our Portland stores carry the Ass-Lock in 2-4 different colors, depending on location. If you’ve never worn an ass-lock before, you’ve got to check out Atomic Jock’s Ass-X!

AJ Ass X Ass Lock redAJ Ass X Ass Lock clr

AJ Ass X Ass Lock blkAJ Ass X Ass Lock blu