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Prostate stimulation toys come in many shapes and sizes. Those uninitiated to the realm of anal play tend to assume you stimulate a prostate in the same manner you would a penis–apply pressure, a bit of rhythm, gradually increase the intensity, and the end result is an uncontrollable pleasure explosion.

While the “insert toy, apply pressure, motion, repeat” method can certainly enhance an orgasm, few men experience the true art of prostate stimulation to achieve the mythical “super orgasm” or Super-O! Once thought a privilege reserved for vagina owners, overwhelmingly intense non-ejaculatory orgasms–waves of pleasure that can last for minutes at a time–are attainable for all who seek them. Only one company, Aneros, has made a science of designing devices to achieve this lofty goal.

Founded in 2002, Aneros launched the first adult retail device to specifically target the prostate, or “P-spot”. Many have imitated Aneros, but the design and quality of Aneros products remain unparalleled. Ergonomically shaped for easy insertion, the angle of the stem and the head of Aneros devices are designed to apply direct pressure to the prostate. The amount of pressure (the “massage” of your prostate) is controlled by your PC muscle contractions (the muscle between your pubic bone and tail bone). You can use your hands to direct the device if you choose, but Aneros products are designed for hands-free stimulation. A perineum tab provides an external prostate massage, pressing against the perineum, while also acting as a pivot point to drive the massaging action inside the rectum. A man experiences both an internal and external prostate massage simultaneously, leading to stronger orgasms, and ultimately, the Super-O.

Aneros also uses the highest grade plastics, silicone, and stainless steel–some of the most durable, hygienic, and body-safe materials. Aneros Classics, for instance, consist of the same type of medical-grade plastic used to make screws in bone-replacement surgeries. When comparing to cheap imitations, the durability and safety of patented Aneros products are well worth the price tag.

Aneros is most well-known for its Classic models, the MGX, Helix, and Eupho.  Although their basic design is the same, variations in the size, angle of the stem, head, and perineum tab offer slightly different experiences, depending on personal preference and level of experience. Like Kegel exercise, the strength and training of one’s pelvic muscles can determine one’s ability to “drive” a more advanced device.

MGX Classic                                                                                                              The Classic MGX is great for all experience levels.
Those accustomed to anal toys will appreciate the moderate girth of the MGX, but the MGX is also excellent for beginners, as its wider, more bulbous shape makes it easier for the user to hit the prostate. The perineum tab on the MGX is also larger than that of the Helix or Eupho, so that it never misses its target.

Helix Classic                                                                                                                As a beginner to intermediate model, the Classic Helix is more modestly-sized and has a smaller perineum tab, allowing a greater range of motion than the MGX. The more sharply-angled shaft allows it to pivot further forward, to more aggressively hit the prostate without the intimidating girth of larger models.

                                                                                                    Eupho Classic              For a more advanced user, the Eupho is thinner, longer, its tilt less extreme than that of the Helix. Some users prefer the Eupho because of its smaller size and gentler angle, but the wider range of motion the Eupho offers–which can provide amazing stimulation for a talented driver–requires some training and practice to properly maneuver. The smaller head of the Eupho applies a more focused prostate massage, but only to someone who knows how to direct it.

An intermediate to advanced model with added girth, the Aneros Progasm deviates from the health-centric design of its predecessors and was designed as a sex toy. While those experienced with anal play may gravitate towards these models because of their pronounced size, be warned that without the PC muscle training you receive from beginner models, you may not see the Super-O results you desire until long into your journey. Most who praise this as their preferred model started out on either the MGX, Helix, or Eupho.

Porgasm Jr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The newly released Progasm Jr. shares the same shape as the Progasm but with less girth and length. Those seeking the pronounced head and full shape of the Progasm, but who desire something a little smaller, will find Junior a perfect alternative to the traditional Progasm.

Eupho Syn                                                                                                            The Syn series coats the Classic Eupho and Helix models in soft, stylish silicone. While possessing the same firmness as their Classic counterparts, the silicone exterior of the Helix Syn and Eupho Syn allows smoother movement inside the anal cavity, to subtly stimulate the prostate and eventually culminate in super orgasm.

Helix syn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Those averse to the hard plastic of their Classic predecessors will obviously appreciate the silicone Syn, but remember to use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys!

Aneros Peridise SetUnique among their product lineup, the Aneros Peridise aren’t prostate stimulators but nonetheless promote the strength of pelvic muscles, regardless of gender. Comfortable for insertion, the Peridise make great bedside additions to partnered play. With a liberal application of lube, these toys are designed to move with the tightening and relaxing of the sphincter, enhancing the quality of any orgasm. The Peridise are sold as a set of 2, one larger and one smaller.  Similar to Kegel exercisers, as your skill and PC muscle control increase, you’re encouraged to go down in diameter, as the smaller size requires greater muscle strength to manipulate.


Tempo                                                                                              The Tempo works with the body in the same manner as the Peridise but is crafted from stainless steel. The added weight causes the inner and outer sphincter to contract for even more intense stimulation, but requires greater muscle strength than its lightweight Peridise counterparts. Stainless steel can also be boiled after use for easy and thorough sterilization.

By training your muscles and exploring the pleasure receptors surrounding your prostate, Aneros products unlock the possibility of achieving orgasm above and beyond what a one experiences from penile stimulation alone. The journey often requires patience and dedication, and while not everyone progresses at the same pace, those who reach the goal unanimously agree that it’s well worth the time and effort!