About a month and a half ago, Fantasy for Adults Only decided to ask several manufacturers of quality silicone toys some tough questions about silicone, the differences in quality, and why and how some silicone toys are better or safer than others. As sex toy geeks and enthusiasts, not only were we intensely curious for more information, we wanted to better equip our sales staff to answer customer questions.

As luck would have it, Metis Black, sex educator and president of Tantus Inc. responded–and the questions were so important to her, she posted an article on their blogsite in response!

Here are the questions submitted by Fantasy:


Is it true that some products marketed as “silicone” are actually blended with other materials or fillers (i.e. TPR, TPE) and may only contain a small percentage of silicone?  Or is this a myth; are the differences in silicone simply a matter of how the silicone is processed?  Do all silicone products include “something else” (i.e. carbons) in order to produce a “silicone rubber” material?  (Does “100% silicone” mean anything?)


If silicone is combined/blended with other materials (to alter its density, elasticity, color, etc.), does this affect its safety and porosity?


Do I understand correctly that silicone is technically porous, but that its pores are so tiny that they’re impervious to viruses and bacteria?  Does the grade of the silicone affect its porousness?  Is it true that a silicone product could retain an odor (after washing and sanitation) but still be 100% clean of any bacteria, due to these tiny pores?


What are the advantage of food-grade or medical-grade silicone over other silicones?  What makes medical-grade more safe than something that’s simply silicone? 


In sum, I’m wondering if some silicone products may be more porous (susceptible to bacteria) than others?  Will some silicone products be more resistant to capturing bacteria and/or odors, and if yes, what are the best methods for consumers to identify these (safer) silicone products?


To read their very detailed and informative response, you’ll have to check out the Tantus Inc. blog post here.

Thank you Tantus and Metis Black, for your time, your dedication to creating premium silicone toys, and your willingness to provide thorough product education to your audience.

We love you and your toys!