Rave is an ergonomic play toy powered by the best of We-Vibe motors.  You have soothing asymmetrical curves, a lush silicone skin, and an unyielding core.  It rests in the hand very naturally and the unusual mix of shapes offers a wide variety of options for stimulation (internal or external), even before you hit the power button.  This design is then seamlessly wed with the kind of unrelenting thump one associates with the We-Vibe Tango (a powerful We-Vibe bullet).  The unyielding core conducts vibration from end to end with an intensity that is sure to raise eyebrows.  Keep in mind this won’t be for everyone, due to the lack of flex, but anyone who prefers glass or steel absolutely needs to give it a look.  Rave is splash-proof, has a 100% play area, which allows you to utilize the entire toy, and is fully rechargeable.