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Electrostimulation is a wholly unique experience.

Conventional toys have a myriad of ways in which they vibrate, gyrate, massage, or thrust, but ElectraStim goes straight to the source by sending electrical stimulation directly to all those tasty nerve endings.

The mere thought of E-Stim play can intimidate some, mostly due to the misconception that it’s only intended to deliver pain – and while it’s true the S&M applications are numerous, it’s important to remember elecrostimulation can enhance almost every type of play.


EM48-E SpreadFor example, someone looking to explore sensory play would love the exhilarating sensation brought on by a Wartenberg wheel, placed on a low setting, and traced from the back of the neck to the base of the spine. The delightful tingles and tickles which ensue will reduce the toughest recipient to a pile of squirming giggles.


For those looking for less foreplay and moreEM2118 main event, electrostimulation pads applied to the correct places, with the correct intensity, can cause a mild current to trace a path across the genitals. The muscle contractions that follow mimic those experienced mid-orgasm, which allow one to experience extreme pleasure and possibly even hands-free orgasms.


The more kinky or adventurous practitioner should be no stranger to kegel balls, anal plugs, cock rings, prostate stimulators, or dildos, but when electrostimulation takes the place of vibrations, the experience becomes something entirely new. The feel of involuntary muscle contractions working in tandem with a prostate toy or g-spot toy cause pinpoint pleasure.


EM2172For the BDSM community, the sky is the limit, because any toy can be a high intensity experience in the right hands. The Electrapaddle Leather Spanking Paddle is a quality leather paddle that conducts shocks directly to a subject. While it holds up for impact play, the real force of the blow comes from whomever is holding the controller –ideal for keeping a willing recipient on their toes.

And finally, the devices used to operate these magnificent creations are the Flick and the Flick Duo. Both are equipped with similar functions, but the the Duo can control two units at once, which makes it ideal for partner play.


Feel free to stop by any of our stores and ask to experience ElectraStim for yourself.