SXY Cuffs

I do love to “ooh” and “aah” over edgy new fetish gear–whether considering the possibilities of a stainless steel anal hook with added length and loops, or admiring a black patent leather fig leaf riding crop. But sometimes it’s simplicity and affordability that revolutionize BDSM in the bedroom.

SXY CuffsPerfect for both beginners as well as experienced bondage enthusiasts, SXY Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs combine the comfort of neoprene and the practicality of Velcro to create a firm hold on your lover’s wrists. Unlike metal cross cuffs (which have their own appeal, don’t get me wrong)–these unique, pivoting neoprene cuffs allow the wearer to struggle and move their arms without bruising, cinching, or wriggling free. The Velcro also holds firmly in place without the worry of losing a key or loosing a knot.

sxycuffs-blkbgThough binding your lover’s wrists together–or allowing your lover to bind your own–can provide sufficient foreplay in itself, anyone interested in power exchange will appreciate these cross cuffs also come with a well-placed D-ring. While rope may appear to be the obvious choice, because these cross cuffs bind both wrists together, a single dress tie can also do the trick of securing someone to the nearest bedpost. Really, the possibilities are endless, without abusing your beloved’s wrists.