Aneros Gift with Purchase

September is National Prostate Health Month! To encourage men to maintain (and enjoy) a healthy prostate, we’re again featuring the original and all-around favorite prostate massagers by Aneros. Aneros was not only the first to design the unique prostate massager shape many of us have come to know and love, their research and solicitation of community feedback have allowed them to perfect and expand upon their patented designs.

Though many companies have since imitated the Aneros shape, most prostate toys pale in comparison to an Aneros. The company’s attention to detail; the fine balance of size, shape, angle of entry and pivot points; and quality control, using only FDA-approved medical grade materials—all combine to create one of the most effective, hands-free, worry-free male sexual health devices. Yes, hands-free! Whether you’re a beginner (I recommend the Classic Helix) or looking for girth (upgrade to a Progasm, DeVice, or Vice)—nearly all Aneros products can be worn and enjoyed during love-making with your partner and heighten the male orgasm.

Aneros Gift with PurchaseAs part of our promotion of Aneros—and to also highlight our other featured brand, Mayer Labs—we’re offering a free gift with every Aneros purchase of $50 or more during the month of September. While supplies last, when you purchase an Aneros product, you’ll also receive: Aneros Anti-Bacterial Wipes (25 pk), Aqua Lube Naturals samples, 3 Kimono condoms (assorted), and an Aneros cloth shopping bag—everything you need for safe, sexy fun (and an eyebrow-raising trip to the grocery store, if you’d like)! Need help choosing the best Aneros for you? Check out our blog post from last September that reviews the various designs. Or come visit us at one of our seven locations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff love to offer recommendations!