Your locally owned and operated Fantasy for Adults Only stores have been supporting the Portland community since 1989. One of the many ways we support our community is by supporting other local businesses and offering locally made products when possible. Not only does investing in locally owned and locally made products contribute to the local economy, when products are made in the Pacific Northwest, fewer fossil fuels are expended transporting products from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Many businesses based in the Pacific Northwest are also dedicated to creating eco-friendly products and minimizing their environmental impact.

A couple years ago, we created a list of local businesses and manufacturers who supply us with adult products and apparel. We update the list whenever we add a new local business or manufacturer, and after a few recent updates, we realized we should also share this list with you! Although many of the companies listed below are based right here in Portland, we also wanted to include our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest: Washington and Northern California.

Cleis Press (Berkeley, CA)

Many of the erotic fiction and instructional books we offer are printed and distributed from Cleis Press in Berkeley, California. As an independent small press, Cleis Press is known not only for its erotica and sex guides, but also for its human rights and LGBTQ publications.

Empire Labs (Portland, OR)

Empire Labs, the company that makes the world-famous, American-made Clone-A-Willy kit, is based right here in Portland! Yeah, no kidding.

Good Clean Love (Eugene, OR)

Good Clean Love is a truly Oregonian company. Not only are Good Clean Love lubricants certified 95% organic, petroleum-free, glycerin-free, and paraben-free; the woman-owned company is also a Certified B Corp and approved Coop America Green Company that strives to minimize its environmental impact while promoting a “good, clean, and loving” sex life.

J Brown Leather Works (Portland, OR)

Local artisan Joe Brown made leather products for nine years before utilizing his talents to create cuffs, collars, and other finely detailed, built-to-last dungeon gear. All of his pieces are handcrafted with durable Latigo leather or bridal leather in his workshop, here in Portland. We’re proud to be the first adult store to feature his work and to help him launch his local business! Interested in a custom design or specific color combination? Let us know. We can likely make it happen.

Kheper Games (Seattle, WA)

Many years ago, when we learned that the company that designs many popular adult card games and board games was based in Seattle, we decided to expand our selection of Kheper Games—and we now order from Kheper direct. We also sell a number of bachelorette and other novelty products from Kheper Games.

Kookie International (San Francisco, CA)

Many adult products are made overseas, then distributed from Los Angeles (where most adult toy companies are based). But much of our leather fetish and BDSM gear comes from Kookie International, a San Francisco-based company that makes 95% of its products here in the U.S.!

Microcosm Publishing (Portland, OR)

Among the oldest indie publishing houses based here in Portland, Microcosm contacted Fantasy to see if we’d be interested in carrying their Post-Structuralist Vulva Coloring Book and other rad, unique, DIY and activist titles like Sex from Scratch and Learning Good Consent. Uh, yes please! Microcosm also distributes other must-have titles, like How to Talk to Your Cat about Abstinence and the Fetish Coloring Book. You can discover more about Microcosm and their retail shop in North Portland at

Nothing Obvious (Eureka, CA)

A small indie screen-printing company in the Redwoods of Northern California, Nothing Obvious gains inspiration from the wonders of nature. Nothing Obvious prints with water-based inks, minimizes their environmental impact, and ethically sources their garments, with more than half made here in the USA. Our selection from Nothing Obvious is seasonal and primarily found in our Downtown location, but if you’d like to see more from them, let us know!

Play Partners in Crime (Portland, OR)

Whispering sexy, funny, sweet words to one another, Robin and Sam decided to make their own kinky, adorable sex-positive cards. Enlisting local illustrator, Michaelangeflow, they printed four designs on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified eco-responsible paper—and we’re the first store to carry them!

Pound International (Portland, OR)

One of the leading delay sprays for men for over 40 years, STUD 100, is manufactured and distributed by a UK company, but it’s U.S. office is based right here in Portland.

Davryan Laboratories (Portland, OR)

Although Probe lubricants are made and distributed from California, the company’s headquarters has been Portland-based and thereby “locally owned” since 1991. Probe lubricants celebrated its 25th year in Portland last fall, and its time-tested, pH-neutral, 3-ingredient formula continues to rival newer formulas that mimic the body’s natural secretions. If you haven’t yet tried it, you should!

Sock It to Me (Portland, OR)

Many of our customers already know and love these fun local socks—and we’re thrilled to sell them! (Our apparel buyer selects designs you may not find in your local grocery store.)

Teri Lingerie (Portland, OR)

Certified under Oregon’s women and minority small business program, Teri Lingerie is designed here in Portland. After 36 years of enjoying international distribution, Teri Lingerie remains a small company, dedicated to service, distinct product, and maintaining quality, personally inspected, ethical factories.

Trixie & Milo (Portland, OR)

We don’t sell a lot of drinking accessories, but when we discovered Trixie & Milo’s unique and sassy stainless steel flasks—designed and finished by hand here in Portland, Oregon—we just had to add them to our selection! Our bestseller? The Big Cock flask, of course.

Twisted Monk (Seattle, WA)

We’re delighted to be one of the few brick and mortar stores that sells Twisted Monk rope, dyed and finished in Seattle. Twisted Monk hemp rope is well-known in the BDSM community for its quality, strength, and beautiful color, just as Twisted Monk is a well-known activist, educator, and entertainer. Whether you’ve been tying knots for decades or if you’re brand new to bondage, we recommend Twisted Monk.

WIAN Studios (Portland, OR)

The most beautiful, high-quality leather floggers we offer are made by local leather artisan Cecilia Wian, who, after starting her business in The Dalles, now lives in the Portland area. You don’t get any more local or handmade than this! Her craftsmanship is superb and every piece unique, balanced, and built to take a beating (or, er, flogging)!

Do you represent a locally owned company or locally made product and would like to see your products in our stores? Or are you a customer and would like to buy a local adult product from us that we don’t currently carry? Please contact us, introduce yourself, and tell us what we’re missing. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions, based on sales and budget, but if a local product is right for our stores, we want to know about it.

Thank you for supporting your local adult stores!