If there is anything you can get toy reviewers to agree on it is this; the Pure Wand by Njoy is the holy grail of G-spot toys. Truly, the only “negative” review I have ever found (as I don’t rely on only my own experience) complained the the weight made her arm tired after using it too much. True, it is heavy, but “I used it so much I wore out my arm,” sounds more like an endorsement than an insult to me.

The most obvious talking point of the Pure Wand is the material it is crafted in. Solid stainless steel that has been polished to a flawless finish. Two things that set metal apart from other toy materials is sheer weight-to-volume and complete inflexibility.  Pure Wand feels larger than it looks, because your body is having to make 100% of the accommodation with no responding flex from the Pure. Then there is the topic of temperature play. Can you think of any materials that carry cold or heat as well as steel? If anything, you need to be careful as it works a bit too well. You will need to be cautious of the temperature of the water you prep the wand in. As a bonus, if you are brave enough to use Pure as a Kegel wand, you are going to get a workout to remember.

Aside from the obvious assets of steel, you have Pure Wand’s shape to consider. The gentle curve with spheres on either end is a marvelous balance of aesthetic appeal and functional purpose. Dual ends adds variety to play and the two sides do offer very different sensations between difference in weight, size, and the center of balance. When it comes to Grafenberg hunting, a broad curved surface, and the angle of the curve, can do the vast majority of the “work” for you with minimal effort. The g-spot also responds best to pressure, rather than vibration or any other variety of stimulus. The size, shape, and weight of the Pure Wand can, most absolutely, provide firm heavy pressure. In fact, the only real down side to the Pure Wand is that the weight, as pointed out earlier, can be a workout.

The Pure Wand will never break, crack, chip, or rust. It has no pours or undercuts to harbor bacteria. It can be cleaned in any way you choose, from alcohol to autoclave. It cannot be damaged by any type of lubricant. Full disclosure, you would have to deliberately try before you could damage an Njoy. Even then, you’d have to drag it behind a car or something equally dramatic.  Once it is yours, it is yours forever. This is not a toy, it is an investment in sexual wellness and satisfaction. I’m not being melodramatic here, there is five years of personal experience behind this statement.