From the first moment I held one in my hand, I knew that the I Scream from Shiri Zinn was not just a pretty novelty.  Certainly, it is pretty, and the shape is novel, but there is function and design to back it up.  I see a pun here regarding ice cream that will melt you, but I don’t want to be the first to make it.

Just like the best ice cream, I Scream starts with quality ingredients.  In the box one will find a solid silicone body, water proof design, rechargeable battery, and an impressive motor.  The silky finish of the silicone and sheer power of the motor were very much a surprise.  The controls are simple, press and hold on, quick press to cycle through ten functions, press and hold to turn off.  While all of that is very impressive, it is not the final detail that landed me in love.  This little cone has unexpected abilities.  The unique array of shapes, textures, and vibration conduction through the toy offers a staggering amount of possibility.  The quality of the vibration at the tip of the cone may be fast and sharp, but the scoop is slower and deeper.  All points in between will vary depending on how one chooses to use them.  Even the texturing on the cone offers up some very compelling ideas.

If you aren’t convinced yet, the box doubles for permanent storage and plays music. I am neither joking or exaggerating, the I Scream comes inside of a literal music box. Please enjoy all of the above with a side of one year warranty.  I cannot think of a better way to enjoy the last days of summer.