Sometimes, simplicity is the key. Then again, sometimes you can take the simple and tweak it just so to make it something new. That is the case with the Soft Balls from NS Novelties.

The design has no secrets, solid cast silicone beads are not a new idea. It is worth note, however, that the solid status negates all worries over sterilization as there are no hollows, undercuts, or cloth cords to collect debris or harbor bacteria. No matter how you choose to use them, clean-up is as simple as a wash-n-rinse or a quick boil. The size of the spheres is a good middle ground, making Soft Balls ideal for either vaginal or intermediate anal play. The hidden story comes when you squeeze. This toy is unbelievably soft. I would go so far as to use the word “cuddly” to be completely honest. The texture is firm enough to allow ease of insertion, but it is going to be a great deal more forgiving than other toys of the same size.  This opens up accessibility to many more people, while maintaining the thrill of conquering a larger toy.  True, it can look a little intimidating in the box, but one squish casts these spheres in a whole new light.  That flexibility and stretch also causes me to see the retrieval loop as a fun impromptu penis and/or scrotal ring and that opens up a host of ideas depending on who is wearing the ring and where the balls end up, especially if you have a partner involved.

As I said, sometimes simple really is best.