ON, a unique topical stimulant from Sensuva, isn’t new to the party.  We’ve had it for several years now and, inexplicably, it seems like people are forgetting it is there.  At least, I am not ordering it as often and that is a shame to the point it is near criminal.  In the spirit of public service, I feel duty bound to shine the spotlight back on my personal pick of all the topicals I have tried.

Tracking down an ingredients list was not easy and the exact details are a proprietary secret. However, I was able to unearth some specific compounds in ON Natural Arousal Oil for Her; sweet almond oil, vitamin E, cinnamomum cassia, and rosemary oil extract are a few. Most of these are familiar for their homeopathic uses, but it’s the cassia extract that’s known for sensitizing properties. Mixed together, these manifest as the warm-cool-tingling sensation that no other topical can match. To make it extra fun, while it sort of tastes like bark, it is completely safe to ingest, making it a welcome companion to oral sex.

Full disclosure, a few people report no reaction. Not only a little, but none. Luckily this is the exception rather than a rule. I am very, very picky about topicals, after all.  I can see ON being too strong for some, but I mourn for those that aren’t compatible at all. It’s really easy to test though, since the inside of the lower lip will react in much the same way as the labia and clitoris.  A little dab of the compound on the inside of the lip will spark and throb after about fifteen seconds or so.  As I mentioned before, it doesn’t taste great, but it’s an easy way to check.

What do I, personally, love about On? Of all the types of topicals I have tried, On is the most potent by far. A cooling salve is refreshing, warming is soothing, and tingly is nice, but all in one shot is an adventure. ON is no 45 seconds of “oooo” before it fades away, either. It lasts a good 45 minutes and reapplication brings the show right back to life. My very very favorite use for On is the apply-and-ignore-it-for-as-long-as-possible game. Especially effective if playing video games or doing something else that keeps you still.

One finial note, it should come as no surprise to all of you that ON can be just as interesting on a penis as it is on a clitoris. Remember, we all have the same parts, only the shapes vary.  Everyone is invited to this party.