Womanizer & Satisfyer; by this point in time, I am reasonably certain that every single one of you has heard about one or both of these devices. Granted there is a reason for that.  Though the sexual wellness industry struggles every moment for innovation, there are only so many ways to shape a wheel. When Womanizer was born, and proved itself amazing, imitation was fast and furious. Of those that leapt into that game, the Satisfyer came out on top as the most similar in function. Since you will find both brands as Fantasy For Adults Only, I decided the time has come to compare and contrast.

The magic that makes Womanizer and Satisfyer so different is the triad of light suction, vibration, and pressurized bursts of air. The vibration travels through the lip of the silicone cup to reach the root of the clitoral legs while the flicks of air pressure provide the primary stimulation without actually touching skin. Both brands offer a wide variety of styles and shapes to fit the many shapes that people come in. Smaller units to fit easily in the palm, longer handles for bigger bodies or limited mobility, and lower priced versions (within their respective price ranges) for those just testing their response to this new tech.  They also share the fact that they can be tricky to line up correctly and do need held fairly still to work best.  Granted, when everything is where it is supposed to be, the sensation is both unique and startlingly effective. Now that we have looked at what they both do, how are they different from each other?

Womanzier created the tech and is clearly the high-end version. The intensity at the top end is greater overall in terms of power, though the initial setting is quite gentle.  Womanizer comes under a 2 year manufacturer warranty.  Most models in the family include two sizes of silicone cups to suit different anatomy (specifically, if your clitoris is a bit more than average in size, Womanizer has your back).  Objectively, the overall quality construction and materials is greater as well.  Picking one up, they feel like they would come with that warranty I mentioned.  All of that said, you do have a much higher price point to reflect those advantages.  Even the “intro priced” Pro 40 is beyond some budgets.

Where does Satisfyer fit in?  Simply put, accessibility!  The construction and materials don’t feel quite as solid in the hand, but the price easily makes up for it. There truly is a Satisfyer that will fit any budget.  Seeing as how this technology truly is brand new, most people are not going to have a frame of reference to know if it will work with their bodies.  Having a starter price opens up that field and allows for quite a bit of experimentation.  You will also note a 30 day warranty on their rechargeable models.

So, which is right for you?  With these facts in mind, you are armed to make an educated decision.