There is something about the silhouette of a dual simulator that says “decadence” to almost everyone.  Since Vibratex debuted the Rabbit Pearl in the 80s, the “rabbit” has become a must-have for every toy line and nearly every toy owner.  Today, though, I want to shine a light on one specifically.  Namely, the O-Bunny from NS Novelties.

Why this one?  The first thing I noticed, and the main reason I put it on my shopping list, is the size.  It is small!  It has a penetration depth of 4.5″ and is only 8.5″ overall. In my, admittedly extensive, experience; when you have so much going on in a small space, vibrating external arm, rotating shaft, spinning G-spot beads, compact is the way to go.  If the shaft is too long, you can’t fit everything where it needs to be at the same time.  If the shaft is too thick, you won’t get as much from the motion of shaft or beads.  If it’s too long overall, it’s awkward to hold and position in general.  O-Bunny has done an admirable job of hitting that perfect middle ground to make this toy a good fit for most any body.   Continuing on that topic of proportion, do note the clever positioning of the bead band (on a track to avoid binding) compared to the external arm.  Remember that is only the first few inches of the vaginal canal (seriously short, like 1-3 inches) is able to register subtle stimulation.  These beads are positioned just so to hit that sweet-spot of the internal canal when the external arm is resting against a clitoris.  This is not accidental, there was real planning here.  And after that 1-3 inches?  That is where blunt pressure registers best, and the mixing motion of the rotating shaft will do its best work.

The controls are super easy.  One touch on/off, easy to start, easy to turn off when you hear your roommate coming down the stairs to find out why you’re still up and in the living room at 3am.  The internal and external components are both controlled in tandem, but those controls are very straightforward.  Three speeds, three patterns, so there’s not much room to get lost.  It also has a quick-change button for direction, so you can change up the mix whenever the motion starts getting old.  While the rotating motor is not the strongest (a tight fist will stop it) O-Bunny isn’t as loud as most rotating toys, either.  As for the external arm, that is where the power is (and where I like it most, to be honest).

In overview; you have a rechargeable dual stim, one year warranty straight from NS Novelties, with a thoughtful design, in an easy to use size.  The body is latex-free TPE with velvet-finish silicone on the handle; no odor, no leaching, no worries.  All of this, and it is still “beginner” priced under $50.  With the holidays galloping down on us, this is a good style to keep in mind.