The Luxe Seven line from NS Novelties is for anyone that fell in love with the Luxe Compact vibes, but wished there was more to them.  To my delight, they didn’t just make an old shape and make it big enough for penetration, either. NS Novelties reinvented the whole show.  The basics are the similar, but the execution is so much more.

What do the Luxe Seven toys have going for them?  They start with dense velvet-finish silicone.  Really dense. You can press and manipulate them as you will and they don’t squish away from pressure and they conduct vibration in a way rarely accomplished by and kind of “soft” finish toy.  We have two shapes in the family right now, Madonna (a classic missile shape) and Belle (G-spot style with a bulb tip).  Both have really simple lines, but the shapes have been tweaked just enough to make them worth consideration, no matter how many similar toys are on the market.  Madonna pulls that off with a barely-there swell that grows from base to tip.  Belle comes to the table with a brilliant G-curve with just enough girth to take the guess work out of Grafenberg hunting (it also curls around the clitoral shaft and presses against clitoral legs when used externally*).  Both shapes offer one button controls and rechargeable motors.  As for the motors, they have not been built for speed.  Certainly, the top end is respectable enough, but the Seven motors truly shine when it comes to the depth of the vibe.  Even at the highest speeds, the quality does not thin into a hum.  maybe that rumble is not as deep reaching as a larger wand would be, but nothing in this size or price point comes close.


*Yes, Bella is the one I have at home.  It is number two after Zumio in my personal preference at the time this was written.