The colorful world that is Blush Novelties has just introduced something new.  The already beloved Aria line is now host to a lovely selection of rechargeable bullet kits.  Each style offers one 10 function bullet (speed and pattern) and one silicone sleeve.  No two are the same shape or color, so if you find yourself wanting more than one of them…no one would judge.  Even so, pleasing aesthetics are just one tiny part of this package.

Moving from looks to design, lets start with materials.  like many, I am a long time fan of silicone in sex devices.  Non porous, cleans up easy, and (when done right) it is extremely durable.  I am especially fond of Blush silicone specifically.  They mix it dense enough to conduct vibration, soft enough to flex when you want it to, and finishes with a velvety texture.  It’s this lovely stuff that makes up the optional sleeve included in these new kits.  Not only do these sleeves hold snugly to the ABS bullet core, there are “cuts” on the inside edges to accommodate both removal and application. Specifically, these channels keep air from getting trapped in the bullet cavity so it can’t form a vacuum to hold the bullet fast when you want to remove it.  Come to that, they keep the sleeve from catching air to prevent the motor from sliding smoothly into place, as well.  As for the bullet, not only is it rechargeable, it’s thumpy.  Yeah, the vibe thins out some at higher speeds, but everything it can do is impressive.  As an added bonus, they are also waterproof, so cleaning is easy and bathing just got more fun.