We have a sleeper hit on the shelves right now.  It is, in my opinion, the best of the best in its family, but few seem to have noticed it.  The subject of my musing is the Fun Factory, Stronic G. I am guessing that that people saw it, thought, “Oh look, another G-spot toy,” then wandered off.  This cannot be aloud to stand!  Yes, Stronic G has the classic G-spot silhouette, but it has so much more to offer.

We’ll start with some things that are true for all Stronic toys. It is not, by any stretch or definition, a vibrator. It pulsates, it thrusts, it shudders, but it does not vibrate. While it is very true that the patented Stronic thrust was designed with penetration in mind, I cannot stress enough how much fun that motion is for external stimulus.  Anyone that wants “something different” needs to see this thing.  The way the motor is configured, it is very quiet, and what sound there is doesn’t carry.  One thumb can operate all the controls. It has an easy on-easy off travel lock.  The magnetic charging cord snaps on strong and stays where you need it without fiddling.  Best of all, it thrusts away happily under the two year Fun Factory warranty and you can trust the materials and the Q&A gauntlet it had to pass.

What is different about Stronic G in specific? The shape is made of magic. It’s smaller and thinner than previous iterations, making it a more accessible fit for a far wider array of people.  There is also the matter of the sharply bent, flat faced, G hook. We all learned the joys of this shape in the LELO, Gigi, and here it is again and it is powered by a Stronic motor. [Just writing that, gave me shivers.]  Please, take some time to ponder the majesty that is the Stronic G.  It is possible that it is exactly what you have been looking for.