With Valentine’s Day stomping up the calendar I wanted to take today to have a closer look at our James Collection Glass. As the name suggests, these pieces are all hand crafted by local glass artist, James Davis. He’s been shaping and selling glass items for twenty years now, having gotten his start in Maryland. It was much more recently, however, that he moved into making sexual devices. Sure, he’d made the occasional special request for a personal friend, but that just piqued his interest in the expansion. The magical part of this arrangement is that his work is exclusive to us at Fantasy. No one else, just us. The exacting hand crafting, careful finishing, and exhaustive quality assurance makes them worth the trip.

I mentioned finishing, but not what that involves. each piece is hand crafted, one at a time, in borosilicate glass. Each complete piece is kiln annealed at approximately 1,100 degrees to weed out any flawed pieces and further temper the strong ones. He also takes the extra step of visually inspecting each individual item as it comes out of the kiln. This guy knows is craft and he is not cutting corners.

Why glass? I’m sure you know, but just in case you have trainees on deck, I will recap. Glass is biologically inert. It is physiologically impossible to be allergic to glass, so it is safe for the most delicate of flowers. It is also non-porous so bacteria won’t hide out there and sterilization is easy. It also holds and transmits temperature, so you may chill in ice water or warm glass in heated water (not boiling!) before use for easy temperature play. I can also promise you that nothing your vaginal or anal muscles can do is enough to break tempered glass. You need never fret over that. It’s safe with any lubricant and makes your muscles do all the work to accommodate penetration.