Okay, We-Vibe, I see what you did there.

Dual stimulation vibrators are a love-hate affair for many people.  The idea of getting everything done at once is appealing, but it’s really hard to find a shape that will accommodate the vast variations in genital anatomy.  How far is the clitoris from the vaginal opening?  How deep is the vaginal canal?  How much does it curve (or not)?  A whole lot of things need to be juuuust so to allow a dual stim to do the job it is purported to do.  The Nova comes at this problem from a whole new angle.

The goal here is not to balance the tip of “clitoral thumb” against the body. The external arm of the Nova folds under. Between the length of the arm and the “spring” of the under-curl nearly guarantee contact with the body. No matter how deep or how shallow the penetrating shaft, there will be clitoral contact. That same mechanism allows contact with the clitoris no matter how it is positioned within the anatomy involved. By extension, no matter where your G-spot is placed, you can move the shaft however you need without upsetting that balance.  We-Vibe is not playing around.  To tie it all together, you have all the standard benefits of a We-Vibe product.  Nova come with a manufacturer warranty, rechargeable motor, top quality materials,  quiet operation, waterproof design, and app compatibility.