Fun Factory’s G5 vibrator series are, in my opinion, the most iconic example of the brand’s craftsmanship. The Stronic series might have taken the world by storm, but G5 embody the spirit of the company. So, what makes the G5 what it is? Start with firm, but surprisingly flexible silicone. I will stress that they are not hollow, but flexible.   The silicone, though solid, but capable or bending nearly in half so they can follow the lead of the body they are used for.  The silicone also have just a bit of tooth, a velvety texture built into the mold, to allow them to hold on to lubricants and stroke along the skin.  They also have a low-pitched vibration that is unique to the G5 family. For one that prefers speed, the G5 might not fit the bill, but for the Power Seeker, it’s very hard to do better without picking up a massage wand.

So, which G5 Fun Factory Vibrators are available at Fantasy For Adults Only?

Big Boss: A classic phallic shape, with just enough detail to be suggestive without being precisely representational.  The Boss has both mass and girth, but little in the way of texture.  A good choice for those that want to keep it simple.

Tiger: This one is for the texture enthusiast.  Tiger’s primary feature is the “stripped” ridges it sports from tip to base.  The combination of the generous texture, toothy silicone, and thrumming motor, Tiger is an experience.

Volta: This newest addition is a bit different.  While Volta can be used as an insertable toy, it is designed as a clitoral stimulator.  It has the same low-growl motor as the first two, but terminated in a pair of triangular wings.  Press Fun, and those tips vibrate and flail in exactly the way one might imagine.

Moody: Maybe you want all that, but in a smaller package?  Moody is sized for travel, but houses the same motor as the other styles.  With a light swirl texture and a cleverly curved tip, Moody is enough to be felt no matter if you are looking for an internal or external experience.

Lady Bi: This offering is of our most popular dual stimulators from any brand.  It has the length and power of the other full sized vibes in the G5 family, but with the icing of an external arm.  The Lady has enough length to allow for thrusting if that is your preference.

Miss Bi: Like the Lady, Miss Bi is a dual stim, but the aim is very different.  Miss wasn’t meant to thrust, but the compact shaft can hug up close to the body.  The double g-spot curves can, if you please, curve around the pelvic bone to allow for hands-free rocking.  The It may be small, but the performance is huge.

As impressive as all of those things are, what does me in is the accessibility this line offers. The three button controls and large looped handle make G5 easy to hold and operate, no matter the challenges of the user. Arthritis? Fibromialgia? Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? Any other complications that might affect the strength of one’s grip or fine motor control of the hands? G5 has you covered. Even the magnetic charging cord (strong enough to click and hold, but pulls away easily) and lack of battery packs adds to this ease of use. Anything that puts pleasure in the hands of more people is a thing worthy of extra attention.  Add to that the high standard of manufacture their German factories are held to for materials, you really do have a toy safe for everybody and every body.