The time has come to shine some extra light on the Renegade Vibrating Massagers from NS Novelties. They are simple in form and function, styled with elegance, and built for durability. The body of the Renegade Massager (any version of it) is sturdy enough to last indefinitely.  The composition of the silicone is extra dense to resist tearing or stretching, under the most vigorous use (not to mention translating vibration in an amazing way).  Even better, there are no fragile moving parts outside of a removable bullet. In time, when that included bullet eventually gives up the rumble you can pop it out, replace with a new one, and keep on going. No need to wait for that motor to go fail, either. There is a wide array of similarly sized bullets, from a variety of companies, that could be swapped out to offer more power, different functions, or even rechargeability.

The shape offers obvious benefits as a prostate massager.  Between the two styles we have on offer, there is a good fit in size and curve to offer a hands-free ride to almost anyone. Or, if it your preference, there is enough to the external arm to allow manual for manipulation as well. What is more, these wands are anatomically versatile. Though they live in the prostate area of our sales floor, the Renegade Massagers rank easily among our best quality g-spot vibes. Don’t forget to include them in your list of candidates when you are looking for a bit of the Grafenberg. The same external knob that makes Renegade anal safe and stimulates the perineum doubles beautifully as a vibrating clitoral arm.