I love Womanizer!  The name is in not my favorite, but the quality is top-tier and the tech is honestly innovative.  They are also expensive and that can be a stumbling block for a many people.  The newest member of the Womanizer line-up, Starlet, was made specifically to bridge that gap.  The fact that it’s under $90 for a bonafide Womanizer is a big deal.  That they manage to keep the price that low with only minimal compromise is the truly exciting part.  So, what is the overview?

Starlet is little.  There is just enough to hold on to and fit a single control button.  Honestly, you can palm the thing to completely hide it from view. This makes Starlet a very discrete traveling companion. Even with the diminutive frame, the engineers at Womanizer still managed to fit five levels of air-pressure-power into the tiny case.   That one button easily scrolls through on/off and power level. There is nothing crazy to memorize and the function is very intuitive.  It has a removable silicone cup for comfort and easy cleaning, just like the full-size models in the brand (and yes, it comes with a spare).  It is fully USB rechargeable, splash-proof (in the shower, not the pool), and comes under a two year warranty directly from Womanizer.  All in all; small package, small price, huge utility.