This week, I want to hold up one of the newest additions to the We-Vibe family. As you may have guessed from that description, I am pointing at the We-Vibe, Gala. I could make this brief and say, “Hey, it has two Tango motors!” and that would be enough to secure the interest of many.  There is more to Gala, though, so I want to do this thing right.

Everything starts with the shape. The outline is suggestive of the standard hand-held “pebble” style, but the cross-section is a bit different. The size and dorsal curve fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The ventral side, to complement, is just concave enough to rest comfortably over a pubic bone. This thinner silhouette also allows for an easy fit between bodies during partnered activities. What stands out most strongly, however, is the dual pronged tip, with separate motors in each ear. These horns are quite firm, so some experimentation may be involved to find the most effective positions for each user.  Then again, that firm allows the user to direct vibration with fine detail.

The inside is classic We-Vibe. The body is silky silicone, with all the durability and ease of care that implies. I mentioned the two Tango motors earlier. The simple three button spread controls the range of speed and pattern settings that have been pre-set into the Gala. If you want to really tailor your play, however, you’ll want to break out the We-Vibe app. Within the app, each motor can be fine tuned individually. Want them to work together, harmonize, or turn one off altogether? You can do it. The rechargeable takes 90 minutes for a complete fill and offers up to two hours of play time.