It was reported to me, by most of our retail locations, that the number one thing people asked for over Christmas and Valentine’s Day (that we did not already have) was “A pebble vibe at an introductory price point.”  I took this plea to heart and began my hunt immediately.  As a result, the Screaming O, Scoop came to grace our shelves in the last few weeks.

Why did I choose this specific item to fill the void reported to me?  What does the Scoop do?  Begin with the brutal punchy motor, as found in the Charged Positive, and give it a silicone skin.  It is that simple and that beautiful.  Like the Positive, Scoop is rechargeable with up to an hour of playtime. Aforementioned motor has 10 speeds and 10 functions so there are a great many possibility to explore.  I will also take a second to point out that there is a quality to the vibration of the Screaming O “Affordable Rechargeable” line that is unique.  It has an unusual richness; deep without numbing and it penetrates well below the surface, even on lower speeds.  To take that past the next step, the shape offers an array of versatility even beyond the quality of the motor.  The silicone scoop that gave this toy the name amplifies movement.  The farther out you go, the more kinetic energy you’ll get.  The tip of this curve ends in a lightly blunted point, so you can get some amazing intensity on top of the muscle that the motor can provide on its own.  On that same line, the rounded base offers a more faithful reflection of the motor’s power and gives a much wider plane of contact to work with.  It isn’t “weak” if used this way, but it is a slower burn than you get scaling the scoop.  The whole party is palm sized and is delightfully quiet in comparison to the available power.