Cheers to simplicity! Cockrings are an easy good time. Maybe you want to play with delayed ejaculation? What about the feeling of being snugly held while occupying no hands whatsoever? Perhaps you simply like the look of an extra firm erection and/or bands pulled tight across a penis shaft? No matter what you want a cocking for, they are easy to use, offer a lot of services, and have a really low entry price for experimentation.

Let’s assume that sounds good to you.  Maybe, though, maybe you want just a bit more. Perhaps you want to try a figure 8 style cock-n-ball device but you don’t want to invest too much and would prefer something that is easy to use. I offer to you the Romeo Ring from NS Novelties. It is a simple and brilliant take on the standard figure 8 style rig. Better yet, it does so while vastly minimizing twisting, pulling, or confusion of how to get the thing on a body. [Full disclosure here, I love the look of a complex cock cage, but even I have had trouble sorting out which end is up some of the time.] Romeo also manages to avoid twisting, flipping, and binding due to the filled sides. Those sides also double as pull-tabs for easy removal. You’ll have no pulling or pinching either, because there are no closures or clasps. The point is “up” and the holes are specifically shaped to hug a shaft and scrotum.  As a final bonus, the silicone is plushly soft to accommodate most any tackle. If anyone in your bedroom has a penis, it’s worth having a Romeo ring in the bedside drawer.