Lovense first entered the remote control market in 2010 and they have not stopped to rest since. Every item they make is rechargeable and comes protected by a one year warranty. The most notable feature about Lovense, however, is the unique app that the entire line-up is equipped to connect to. This service offers bluetooth short range remote, long distance interaction, programmable patterns (you may save up to ten at a time), connectivity to a wide variety of devices (not just your phone), and includes a wide array of cam model services. They can also be synced up to a musical play list or respond to ambient sound.

(Max & Nora)

I have watched the progress of long distance sex for years now. I had never been tempted to bring one into our stores, until I read independent reviews on Max and Nora. Those reports highlighted such things as the minimal lag between motion and response, a fully bi-active encounter (with both units transmitting and reacting to the other), and that both units are remarkable toys even during solo play. Lovense didn’t stop there, either. Since they hit the market in 2013, Max and Nora have been consistently revised and improved upon, both in individual function and the software that connects them. The user can also record interactive play sessions (both motion and audio) to revisit without your partner present. They aren’t locked into proprietary video software, either. You only need their platform to pair the toys, but you are free to use whatever other personal interface you want to video.  And yes, you can sync Nora to another Nora and Max to another Max.

How Max Works: This unit translates motion of the paired unit with vibration and a pneumatic pump that contracts the masturbator’s inner walls. The more vigorously the paired toy, the more intense the vibration and contractions. Max is not water submersible (yet), but it is splash proof for easy cleaning.

How Nora works: This side translates the use of its paired unit with a vibrating external arm and a rotating shaft. Once again, the more the paired unit moved, the more intense both the vibration and rotation. Nora is fully water proof.