In a moment of curiosity, I took some time this week to discover what our best selling item from Tantus might be.  Yes, cockrings sell fastest because they are small and inexpensive, but that’s not what I wanted to know.   What is the most popular “substantial” item?  Would it be Silk?  It was Vamp when I looked last year.  Oh, maybe the Perfect Plug would be on top this time?  To my delight, it is now the Sport Strap-On kit.  As I have a great deal of love for this kit, I decided to tell all of you about it.

Sport, is one of my favorite Tantus dongs to use with a partner.  Like any Tantus item, the body of the toy is cast in superb quality solid silicone.  It cleans up easily and will last a lifetime with minimal care.  The shape and size of the Sport is quite gentle.  It is not so big that one might worry about paining a less experienced partner.  To that same end, the shaft is totally smooth and slick, with nothing in the way of texture.  The magic Sport can cast is in the tip.  The tip ends in a graceful bulb with a pronounced bend.  With a smooth and friendly shaft, that won’t offer much in the way of friction at the point of penetration, the wearer is free to thrust with abandon.  That allows for firm and thorough working of the Grafenberg spot or prostate with both ease and confidence.

The harness, every bit as amazing.  It is my personal favorite of harness styles, in fact.  [If you look around our strap-on selection, you’ll see this style is quite prevalent.  This is very deliberate.]  Strapped around the hips and wrapped around each thigh, the fit is secure while leaving access to the wearer’s genitals (no need to remove it to do something different for a bit).  It’s also amazingly adjustable, since it cinches on all three straps to expand or contract to fit very nearly anyone.  As if that isn’t enough, it’s all neoprene and fabric, so you can machine wash (though I do like to line dry).  For extra fun, they also added a pocket in the pelvic padding to hold a vibrating bullet, if you so desire.

That, is my overview.  Looking at the parts, there is no real surprise that the Sport Kit has taken over as our top Tantus item.