You all know by now that I have a soft spot for simplicity of design that delivers in function.  I have another one for you, the Revitalize kit by Blush.  One motor, one battery, one speed, but a whole world of use.

Revitalize has the same simple function of any rocket style vibe.  Pop in your battery, twist one click for closed, two clicks for On.  One speed, no fuss, and completely predictable.  To speak from a place of personal experience; typically, one speed is not going to do the job with a single battery vibe.   When it comes to this specific single battery toy, however the one speed it has is very utilitarian.  I cannot think of any other toy of this size and type that has a rumble like this tiny beast.  Fashioned of ABS, it is body friendly and cleans up easily and completely.  What is more, it has three silicone extra heads completely change the game in a snap.  The “flicker” head has pin-point stimulation on one side, a flickering tongue on the other.  The “pillow” smooths out the vibe a bit and offers a broader plane of contact (great for headaches and jaw pain as well).  “Hugger” may be a standard rabbit attachment, but it is not a gentle flutter.  On top of everything else, all items in the Rose line come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  That includes Revitalize.

This toy fits any budget, comes in three colors to suit your taste, and is small enough to pack around in a jacket pocket.  It only takes one battery to delivery an impressive punch and it comes with accessories.  Toss in a bottle of lube and a massage candle and you have yourself a party.  Really, if ever there was a vibe to build into a gift basket (for someone else or for yourself), this is it.