My story starts around 2005 or so, when I was a sales associate at our Tigard location. The market was only just opening up in terms of affordable quality and well informed consumers. While fetish culture had always been playful, that fact was only just starting to show in the available retail assortment. Pony tail plugs had just become established and puppy tail plugs were gaining traction. People wanted to play and experiment. They also wanted something very specific that I did not have to sell them.  It was a Goldilocks scenario; they wanted a pig-tail plug, not too big, cast in silicone, and it needed to be pink. (While writing this, I remember that same request, in a dozen voices, phrased a dozen ways.) Unfortunately, it just wasn’t out there. There were pig-tail plugs, but never with all the qualities that we were being asked for.  The few I remember seeing over the years were way too big for the people looking or made out of questionable materials that smelled like pool toys in the sun.  Not one of them was just right. I want to shout from the rooftops, reaching all of those people that I had to disappoint over the years that the time has finally come!

I am delighted to introduce the Oinkz tail plugs from NS Novelties. This clever pet plug has, very literally, every last trait that has been missing all these years.  First, it is cast in a lovely silicone with the faintest velvety finish. Silicone is, as you all know, ideal for anal play as it’s nonporous for easy sterilization. The middle density chosen for this particular plug is firm enough to hold its shape, but not so hard as to be a challenge to use or get into place. (And the spring when you pull the tail is adorable!) The size of the bulb is on the small side of medium, to accommodate a wide assortment of players. The waist of the plug is a little thick for long wear, but one won’t be hiding this tail under clothes to go about one’s day, in any case.  It is an active play affair. It doesn’t vibrate, or do any other tricks, but that just means there is nothing to break or keep charged. The plug and tail have been cast in two parts, to minimize seams, and are very solidly wed.  All in all, it is a solid, sturdy plug that just happens to be absolutely adorable.

I am sure it comes across that I am emotionally invested in this plug. You can’t spend more than a decade telling people that the thing they want doesn’t exist without feeling joy when it is finally available. It’s even affordable! The fact that this tail exists gives peace to part of my soul.