Affordable, adorable, convenient,and simple? Four of my favorite things and the Cal Exotic, Tiny Teasers have them all wrapped up in a bow. I don’t have to bring attention to them,  people are having no trouble finding them on their own, but I think they are the cutest thing ever and I want to talk about them anyway. So, what do the Tiny Teasers have under the hood that makes them such a well balanced product?

Construction: The whole party starts with a simple ABS body, non-porous, easy to clean, and resistant to degradation. The same can be said of the silicone head sleeve that slips on and off easily for ease of cleaning and versatility in use. It is also tiny. Not including the head, the wand is only four inches long from tip to tip. You could carry this the pocket of a pair of jeans if you want to.  These little wands are also waterproof, and that is always a plus.

Function: There is only one button for power and speed cycle. It doesn’t have a travel lock, but it does have a press-n-hold required to turn it on, so it can jounce around in a bag without turning on and embarrassing you. Once it is on, however, a single quick press cycles through three speeds.  The fact that it only has those three speeds makes it super easy to navigate, even with the single button. The motor is has more hum than thump, but the sheer speed it can achieve is considerable. For added convenience, the motor is rechargeable and offers up nearly an hour of play at the highest speed.