Our topic for the week is Arielle from Blush Novelties. Before I even talk about what it can do, lets chat about construction. Blush silicone is what it always is, satin smooth and soft to the touch.  There are two motors in this device, one in each shaft. The power button is dedicated; off and on only. The function scroll has a button of its very own. Both are well placed and responsive enough to be easy to use without being so sensitive as to cause problems, such as unexpected function changes. You will also see a very simple light display that reflects the pattern selected. Simple and solid. Admittedly, the battery pack can be stubborn to open when it is empty, but that’s just a question of becoming familiar with the mechanism.

Arielle can be many things (always a plus for me), but it is a vaginal/clitoral dual stimulator first. Unlike your average dual vibe, however, the clitoral arm is very nearly as long as the insertable shaft. This has two effects. First, it will fit the shape of pretty much any vulva, since the arm has extra long reach and the two shafts have a good amount of play in flex. Second, you can actively thrust with Arielle while never loosing contact with the clitoral arm. That extra length will merrily slide along the clitoris in time with the penetrating shaft. Even if Arielle did not vibrate, the shape of the body alone would make it an outstanding tool. The fact that it does have power is pure bonus, though it doesn’t have much rumble. Since the true beauty of Arielle is the shape, any vibe at all is pure icing. Arielle also makes use of the dual motors with interesting mix of vibration patterns, most of them alternating between the two shafts.

As I mentioned earlier, that is only Arielle’s primary function. It also allows for double penetration (in different orifices or both shafts into one), is safe for anal play, has room for a penis in the bend between shafts, and probably a host of other delightful things. Arielle is a great pick for those unsatisfied with tradition dual vibes, people that want “something different”, anyone wanting a toy that has multiple applications, or those that don’t actually want to decide!