Maia may not the first company to make a harness compatible dual stim, but it is easily the best execution.

May I draw your attention to Vivian, dual stim, dual motor, and harness ready. The shape is sheer elegance. A light curve, two distinct swells, and a petite external arm. True, the shaft is not terribly long, but that is an asset to a dual stim for solo play. No point in having a clitoral stimulator, if one can’t reach it. When it comes to harness play, I will be honest, that shorter shaft limits the ability to thrust.  Even so, the swelling curves that run the full length of the toy will make even a short thrust a good time.  There is also a good amount of play and flex to work with as well.

Vivian’s construction is superb. The whole is cast as a hollow sleeve. Once the motors and controls are in place, the toy is sealed with a secondary silicone plug. The resulting toy is seamless and completely submersible. I will also point out that the harness compatible base also stands out as a respectable suction cup. As for moving parts, Vivian has two motors, one in the shaft and a second leading to the external arm. The two are controlled in conjunction, with a single cycle button. There are a total of ten selections of speed and pulse patterns available. The motors are a bit buzzy, but speedy overall. As the shape alone makes Vivian worth owning, any vibration is pure icing. The whole show is backed by a one year warranty through Maia.