In the Rechargeable Bullet and Mini Bullet from Cal Exotic,  we have an ideal gateway to rechargeable toys. Like the name, the controls are simplicity itself. They have one button and three speeds. There are no fussy patterns, just low, medium, and high. They also pack a startling amount of thud for such an affordable bullet, rechargeable or otherwise. The don’t quite pack the power of a We-Vibe Tango, but they get close. I am here to tell you, “close to a Tango,” at less than half the price, is a really big deal. More important, that base note in the vibration quality is not lost to the higher speeds.  While that phenomenon isn’t a deal breaker for me, it is refreshing to not have to deal.  Speaking of the rechargeable motor, The Rechargables only take 30 minutes to get a full charge, but can run for up to two hours depending on the setting you choose. (How they managed that alchemy I cannot guess.) They’re also quiet. Closing a fist over the mini silenced it completely. It is nice to know something small enough to travel can operate discretely as well. Then, Cal when ahead and made them waterproof, because they might as well make them completely perfect.

Those are the aspects they have in common. How are they different? The basic is longer, that gives more length to hold, and dims down the vibration towards the handle end enough to hold without getting numb fingers. The mini, while a bit more of a challenge to hold on to, the overall intensity of vibration is a few shades more intense than the larger version.  Both, however, are priced for a beginner’s budget.  Or you can get a few of them, I am not going to judge.