I love novelty sized things! Take an ordinary object and make it extra small or extra big and you have my attention. I also love the Wanachi series from Pipedream. If one were to combine these two loves, it would be the Wanachi Mega. 17 inches long and weighing in at two pounds, this is not a hallow prop. The Mega is exactly what it presents itself to be, a gigantic, fully functional, massage wand style vibrator. Getting practical here, what is one supposed to do with a massage wand that needs two hands to hold on to? In a world where so much value is attributed to a toy being small enough to fit in a purse, what does this monster bring to the table? As it happens, I have thoughts on that.

I have a spot on my back that is prone to muscle cramps and is literally impossible for me to reach on my own. Step one; turn on Wanachi Mega. Step two; set Mega on the bed. Step three; lay on top of the massager, positioning it under the knot. Step four; wait for the pain to stop and the knot to unravel. If it could do nothing else, this alone gives Mega all the value it needs to be worth the price. What makes this even more entertaining, the motor will literally make a bed, chair, or what have you, vibrate as well. It’s like a build your own massage chair. Even if you’re not in pain, this can be a deeply soothing experience. Now, if you want to use it as an actual vibrator, you can absolutely do that as well. Truth; it may be too much for some, but there is a niche here. Perhaps someone is on medications that reduce sexual response. Mega may well be able to rattle that loose. The possibility in the fetish sphere are huge as well. Imagine a forced orgasm scene that included this massive beast. For both giant sensation or as visual aide, that is some next level play. I won’t even try to crack open all the roleplay opportunities for a toy that is out of scale, in addition to being a thunder storm with a handle.  To make it accessible to anyone, just drop a pillow on top of it to dull the intensity of the rumble.

A lot of people are going to look at Mega and ask, “Is that for real?” Yes, yes it is. The real question is, do you accept the challenge?