One single graceful curve from end to end. A dual stimulator that is ambiguous enough to accommodate regardless of anatomy. Today, we are going to chat about Leah from Maia.

The body is cast in silicone with a motor set into either end. I have encountered more powerful toys, but few that divert and shape what  power they do have as well as this one does. The long arm has a deep rumble, the shorter has more hum, but with exceptional shape. The user has a choice of 10 speeds and pulse patterns (some of the patterns I actually like and that is rare). The rechargeable motor lasts up to three hours on a full charge, so you have time to explore what settings work for you. The two arms can’t be independently controlled, unfortunately, but there is still a lot to work with. The whole party is waterproof as well. Since Leah is rechargeable, it comes with a one year warranty directly through Maia.

It is the actual shape that originally got my attention, however.  The curve of the main shaft and the edge of the “handle” wedge, are especially intriguing. While it may not fit every body (this is true of all dual stims), for most this overall silhouette is going to accommodate either a free thrust or a rocking motion. As the curve continues into the secondary arm, external contact could be maintained either way. Speaking of the external arm, if you give it a closer look, you would note three points of contact. There are the obvious set of fluttering “ears” to match other dual vibes. Under that is a smaller single horn shaped protrusion that focuses the vibration to a point. Last, and not obvious to the eye, is the whole inner edge of the arm that offers a broad contact and a deeper note to the vibration.

In summary, I showed up for the shape, but stayed for the whole show.