Doxy, in truth, looks like any other massage wand. Long handle, bulbous head, simple control buttons, Doxy has everything you would expect from this style of device.  Some, might even lift a scathing brow at the lack of a rechargeable option.

Do not underestimate this wand.

Doxy is not joking. In fact, the highest setting of the original Doxy is stronger than the highest setting of the Magic Wand. [Not that there isn’t room in a collection for both!] The simple controls I mentioned earlier are completely intuitive.  Power, +, and -, every one of them doing exactly what it says it will. Doxy also boasts an extra long cord, offers a choice of set speeds, and a “hidden” escalation setting. It’s not all about the high-end though, Doxy has a wide span of lesser settings, all with an underlying rumble that only wands can achieve. If you read up on factory specs, the Doxy motor is approximated at 3,000 to 9,000 RPM.  This is a good tool for both power queens, those needing a more “delicate” touch, and anyone that wants to work it up in a long climb.

Then there is the Die Cast number Three. It’s smaller than the original, but the metal handle (aluminum and titanium) adds a bit of weight, so that balances out. That smaller size makes is easier to throw in a suit case or wield in tight spaces. The real distinction of the Number Three, however, is the smaller (and more dense) silicone head. A narrower point of contact makes for more direct, more intense sensation.

And there you have it.  At long last, the day of the Doxy has dawned at Fantasy.