Oh, sweet MyStim, your day has come. Many of you could guess that I have a weakness for estim.  It’s no stretch that I would be excited that we finally have this brand on our shelves. So, what is so extraordinary about Mystim’s estim vibrators? They offer the multipurpose function of estim, vibration, or both at once. True TENS units are most versatile, but the Mystim vibes have no cords to dangle or ports to plug. This makes then an ideal option for travel, beginners, and playparties as they are all-in-one with nothing to assemble. Like any long insertable estim, electric pulses cause muscle involuntary contractions. Those muscle contractions cause the toy to thrust hands-free, at least to a degree.  As it would happen, those same contractions are effortless (and correctly performed) Kegel clenches.  Hey, a little extra exercise is never a bad thing.

When it comes to function, Mystim has some strengths that are specific to the brand. The “low” setting is a lot higher than other electrical units that we have had. What this means, functionally, is that the lowest settings that can barely be felt internally that you find in a lot of estim are not cluttering up the settings on Mystim. Remember, what the hand feels is a lot more potent that what you would feel internally.  The highest setting is impressive, but not outrageous. The vibration intensity is fairly bland, but I find that to be a plus for estim. Strong vibration can mask electrical pulses, so there is no need for extra muscle. Last up for consideration is the construction. The whole line offers silky smooth silicone, body safe ABS, and clear independent controls for both estim and vibration. The motor is rechargeable and the whole toy is waterproof. That is correct, I finally have electricity that I can bring into the bathtub! Add in the one year warranty and I am pretty much weeping in delight.