Many months ago, I sat down with a rep from Cloud 9 and had a long chat on their line up. It was a great conversation and much good came from it. What I was not sold on, was their Air Touch line. The theory was great, but there was room for refinement. I was given the assurance that there were already plans for the line.  More than that, I was assured that any criticism they received would be taken straight to the workroom.  Assured, I settled in to wait.  The Air Touch VI was the fruit of those plans.

The first thing that stood out about the Air Touch VI is the size. It is dainty, always a plus for a dual stim, as you have many parts to squeeze into a small space. They went one step further with a lovely curve in the penetrating shaft that continues into the looped grip. Not only can one grasp and hold that handle with no strain, the entire unit rocks smoothly against the body with that one point of control. Good for those with loose grips or achy wrists.  The second jewel they designed into the VI is the slender and flexible stalk they used for the external arm. That mobile and graceful neck makes it a great deal easier to maintain clitoral contact when using and moving the device. The body is primarily silicone, the handle in ABS, with a rechargeable motor.  All in all, it’s a really easy keeper.

The controls are nearly as basic as can be, three buttons each with its own job. On/Off gets a button, as do vibe and suction. The power is press-n-hold, and the two functions work on a single press to cycle through the programs. Also worth note, VI is remarkably quiet. Much quieter than anything using air pressure or suction that I have ever handled. While the actual vibration is rather thin, it does translate through the entire toy both well and evenly. Even so, the operative function in the Air Touch VI is in the suction, so the vibration part is gilding anyway. The only issue that I had, personally, is it can take awhile to get through the 12 functions. The suction patterns I liked most are in the middle, so that is a very personal gripe. Even taking that into account, it still very easy to use and well worth the extra patience.