Butterfly Kiss & Personal Pleasurizer, both from Cal Exotic, are long standing favorites in our toy line up.  Both shapes are simple dual stimulators that focus on targeted stimulation over size. The entire family is both affordable and remarkably powerful within their price range. They all feature simple single button controls and take traditional batteries. Any item in this group would be an ideal first toy, an easy gift for someone with vague tastes, or fill in for a traveler that left her favorite toy at home and needs an inexpensive friend for the hotel. The whole family also offers the option of safe anal play, due to the “stopper” effect of the external stimulator.

Butterfly Kiss: This is the classic shape and something of a blanket term for the whole group. The shape of the original Butterfly Kiss is both classically “feminine” and completely non-intimidating to the eye. The penetrating shaft has only a gentle swell at the end and the clitoral stimulator offers the option of a gentle flutter rather than an insistent hum (though varying pressure against the body can adjust how sharp or soft that stimulation can be). It has an unassuming shape that will frighten no one while still getting the job done right. When I was a sales associate, this was my go-to for partners looking to buy a first time toy as a gift.  The shape is clever enough and the operation simple enough that pretty much any recipent would find something to enjoy in it.

Personal Pleasurizer: This is the second shape to come to market.  It is also my personal favorite. While it has the same small size as the Butterfly, the Pleasurizer is more “aggressive” in every respect. The shaft has a much more pronounced G-spot hook, with a broad flattened head, and is firmer overall. The nubs on the main body of the clitoral scoop are friendly enough, but the upper edge of that cup has a subtle protrusion that delivers a punch one would not expect by looks alone. If the Butterfly is a bit too sweet or too soft, the Pleasurizer will give you what you’re wanting. Pleasurizer, like the Butterfly Kiss,  offers three speeds and no patterns.

Both of the above also come in silicone! The silicone versions are, obviously, easier to care for and will be longer lasting due to the durability of the material. Cal Exotic didn’t think that was enough, however. The silicone incarnations of both the Butterfly and the Pleasurizer have a second motor in the shaft to compliment the expected motor in the external arm.  I am inclined to believe this was simply to make them that much more interesting for people who didn’t think the classic could be improved upon. It also adds extra incentive to those that already had the original to go ahead and get the silicone as well.  Surprise!