Who might want to use a vaginal dilator? I knew they were valuable in treating post menopausal atrophy, transfeminine genital reconstruction, and vaginismus, but I did some research to see what other situations call for dilator therapy. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Vestibulodynia, Vaginal Agenesis, some cancer treatments, and hysterectomy, were the most mentioned, but there were many, many more.  With such a wide spread of conditions to benefit from the same exercise, what is the common ground? At the core, the instruction for a dilator kit are quite simple. Starting with the smallest wand, insert as far as possible and stop.  Take some time to practice kegel muscle grips and breathe to relax. Once comfortable push the wand a bit farther and repeat the process. When a wand can be inserted completely without any discomfort, move to the next size up and begin again. This is not a quick fix, but actual physical therapy that can be the work of weeks or months. Even so, a simple therapy that can be conducted in the quiet of home can be a huge asset.

As people learn more -and speak more openly- about gynecological health, a demand arose for a medically sound dilator kit that one can pick up and take home that day. This is why you will find the Alena kit, from Cal Exotic, in our stores. Typically dilators are made of ABS or glass. Both are hygienically sound, but completely ridged. The next logical step is silicone, as it has the same hygienic benefits (easy sterilize and devoid of pours or fissures that could introduce bacteria), but also offers a comfortable flex. Many situations that call for dilator therapy are tender or hurtful to begin with, so extra comfort in your tools is an absolute must. When it comes to form and function; Alena wands have a subtle curve, tapered tip, a looped handle, and just enough give to be gentle. All of these attributes combine into a tool that is easy to align and insert yourself without the possibility of pinching or binding. As this treatment is typically self administered, making it easy to do (and do correctly) is operative. Again, easy and gentle are the key.

Because sometimes it is important to reach beyond the utilitarian, there is another thought that came to mind when reviewing this kit. Imagine you are bored with your exercise routine. Insert a vibrator into the loop of the handle to add some massage to the mix. If the situation calls for it; a long missile style vibe in that loop makes for an effective stopper for anal application. Even if you don’t have need of physical therapy, a nice clean dilator kit can add a very special something to hospital role play.  There is always something more, if you stop to imagine.