This is less of a review and more flag waving because I am excited. The Addiction line, from BMS Factory, is a group of harness compatible, suction equipped, silicone dongs. To be honest, the suction cup that serves harness anchor is a bit thin for my taste. It is great as a suction cup, but I would use a large ring around the shaft, myself. That said, these are certainly worthy of a little extra work to get them into a harness. The silicone is lovely and with a texture on the soft side of medium.  This is a trait I really like in a strap-on, since firmer dongs can pinch the passenger if the driver has no nerves to say if the angle is wrong and something too soft is prone to bend and fold if one is not vigilant. The Addiction family have no moving parts, motors, or hidden features, just pure utility. None of that is what caught my eye, however. The trait that stopped me in my tracks is the fact that they are profoundly beautiful. If someone or something is going to touch your genitals, they might just as well be pretty.

Luke: 7.5 overall, 5.5 insertable. This tool is realistic sculpted into a classic representational shape. It is beautifully crafted, from the charming tilt of the corona, over the gentle flair of girth just below that, through the length of the subtly veined shaft. That, however, is only the structure. The real show stopper is the fact that it glows in the dark. A bright true blue, not yellow or lime green. Top that off with the pretty marble finish to insure that no two are identical, and Luke is very nearly a work of art. There is something to be said about a familiar shape with a fun paint job.

Ben: 7 overall, 5.5 insertable. I am not going to dance around the selling point here, it’s a CYBORG penis. Who is not going to be excited about that? Certainly, it caught my immediate and complete attention. The important part is that there are many more people who feel the same way, and it is important to me to see that need accommodated. That is just the obvious, though. The thing to think about is the delicious array of texture and sensation. This is not gentle incising, but fully sculpted plates and rivets. Ben also has quite a bit of extra girth in the shaft for g-spot drama. The reverse of Luke, the flat black of this silicone highlights the inhuman detailing and care put into the sculpt.