In recent years, many brands have done amazing work to combine small with strong (bonus points for heavy bass notes). We-Vibe started the race with the Tango, Novel Creations added Point, and NS Novelties introduced the Compact Vibe, just to name a few. Blush has caught up, and they did it in a grand fashion.

Nocturnal, from Blush’s Exposed line, is a really easy travel companion. It’s only four inches long, so it can be hidden in a fist, or slipped in a pocket. Made from ABS, it’s built to be extra tough and easy to care for. There is a twist here, rather than the high gloss buff one typically associated with ABS, this line has a subtle matte finish. It’s smooth and seamless to the touch, but a little easier to hold when all lubed up. The overall shape is thin with a flat beveled tip. An often used shape, but it is simple and versatile, offering flat, curved, or edged contact as desired.

Like other minis in this class of vibes, the motor offers a deep rumble that used to be the purview of wands alone. I have seen some reviewers claim it looses bass notes at higher speeds, but that was not my finding at all. Either way, that is a question of preference. When it comes to fact, you have a rechargeable motor, a body that is certified submersible up to three feet, and ten programmed vibrations selections. The place where Nocturnal really stands, though, out is the controls. As small as it is, there are two control buttons, so one can cycle up and down the speed and pattern selections. No need to cycle all the way back through if you miss your favorite setting, just click back. The buttons are tiny, so it can be a little fiddly to use, but the option is available and it is valuable.

The only place Nocturnal losses points, in my opinion, is in size. It is easily the largest among similar thumpy minis, so it does not serve as a universal replacement for removable-bullet toys. On one hand, that is a disappointment. On the other, it is easier to hold and grip as-is than a smaller slicker toy, especially with the textured finish. Keep your Tango to put in your Tantus toy, Nocturnal stands on its own.