Everyone loves Fun Factory. There is no missing their flair for design or impeccable quality. These facts are uniquely displayed in Cayona, one of the more fanciful items in the Mini Vibe line. Just looking at this creation is a sensual feast. I try to be practical when it comes to a toy overview, but I can’t help but wax poetic. This item is pure art.

When it comes to basic function, Cayona has the same virtues as any other item in the Mini category. Dense platinum cure silicone hugs the same rumbling and rechargeable motor that Fun Factor that Fun Factory has become known for. Six speeds, six patterns of pulse, a handy travel lock, and two year warranty wrap up that tempting package. What sets Cayona apart, even within the top-shelf that is Fun Factory, is how amazingly beautiful it is. The dainty length, subtle curve of the shaft, and subtle clitoral contact all have function, but the whole is unusually lovely. The design is part vulva and part calla lily with a just a hint of phallus. The curves and contrast are evocative, but in no way explicit. The folds of the lily’s petals are also quite pronounced at the widest points. It doesn’t take much of a stretch to imagine the caress those curves would offer when in use. The shape would be a feast of texture for external stimulation as well.

That is what I think of the Fun Factory Cayona.