The Venus Butterfly Remote Venus G has a lot going on.  Options for control, varied patters, and a host of possible uses make it very useful tool. As a slight variant to previous Butterflies (and other panty packers in general), the Venus Remote has a short internal arm, to anchor it inside the body and securely in place. It is designed as a dual stim for vulvae, with two possible points of clitoral contact depending on the anatomy of the individual, but it is solidly anal-safe as well. The body is crafted in silicone, smooth, soft, and fully waterproof.  The control unit is lightly textured ABS.

As the name would suggest, the Venus Remote has a wireless remote control included. As an extra special bonus, the remote is rechargeable as well, so there is no need to hunt for strange batteries for half of the toy. If desired the Butterfly can be controlled with standard buttons on the back of the unit, but the remote lets you make adjustments while leaving the toy in place. That’s extra useful, if you’re still dressed. It has 12 settings of speed and pattern and comes with a last played memory to start up at whatever setting was running when you shut it down. The overall silhouette is very slim, designed to pack on under clothes or fit in place under a strap-on harness. That, in my opinion, is where the secret potential lies.  They had my full attention at the idea of a driver’s-side harness packer that comes with a cordless remote.  Those same attributes would make dinner or dancing a very interesting proposition. Venus Butterfly Remote Venus G offers a 55-80 minutes of play from a 70 minute charge.