The overall design is very simple.  The line is made up of your basic missile shaped vibe in sturdy ABS.  That may not seem very exciting at first, but it is a really good place to start for someone that doesn’t know what they are looking for.  It works well for both internal and external play, you can have a good time, and there are no tricks to catch anyone off guard.  They take garden variety AA batteries, inexpensive, easy to find, and easy to load.  The controls are a simple analog speed dial, at the butt of the toy, allowing for full speed control with no buttons to press.  The Collection doesn’t have a super powered motor, in terms of speed, but the quality of the vibration has strong base notes and is very rich.  All in all, it is a solidly built and effectively simple vibe.

The exciting part, however, is that they are cute.  They are really cute.  As in, I would own one just to dress up my toy shelf kind of cute.  While aesthetic appeal is a grand thing in its own right, it places the capstone on a special power that the straightforward design sets up.  When you add up the attributes of simple lines, ease of operation, and a charming look you end up with a toy that will frighten no one.  Any vibe in The Collection would make an exceptional gift for someone that is shy about toys, has never had one, is uncertain what they might like, or is put off by too many bells and whistles.  That is the reason I fell in love and knew we had to offer them.  If I had my way, every 18th birthday would involve a Collection vibe.  Aside from that, the classic styling makes them an adorable substitute for any old-school vibe that has reached the end of its life.  For yourself or for a friend, The Collection is both a safe and economical bet.