The Honey Pot from Blush seems like a basic masturbation sleeves, at first glance.  It’s prettier than most, sure, but it’s ordinary other than that, right?

I said it once, but it is worth repeating, this sleeve is really pretty. Honey Pot is stylized just enough, to be evocative and appealing without stumbling into the uncanny. It’s small enough to hold in one hand, complete with a gentle flair at the entry to hold firmly in the palm. The material is soft, silky, and nicely ribbed inside. What really sets Honey Pot very apart from similar masturbation sleeves, however, is how the optional vibration works. A removable vibe is nothing new, even more so for sleeves and larger masturbators. Even one that isn’t intended to vibrate, they can be made to.  This one has a totally separate channel in the back end, specifically intended for a vibe. Also of interest, is the fact that this hollow reaches the full length of the toy, not just the end of the sleeve. Save the bullet Honey comes with for your assorted toy pile and put a missile style vibe in there instead to get a vibe the full length of the toy. Maybe you want to get clever and put vibrating anal beads in there, so you would have bumps and vibration?  They really did give extra attention to design here and there is a lot of versatility to explore.

A second benefit to fully removable mechanics is the fact that you can warm or chill Honey Pot for temperature play, as desired. It also goes a long way to making cleaning easier, as you can submerge the sleeve without concern. Yes, TPR this soft takes some extra steps to care for (foaming toy cleaner or plain water only and dust with corn starch after it’s dry to refresh the skin-like texture), but I believe this piece is more than worth it.